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fire door inspection programFire rated doors assemblies are an integral part of not just the buildings passive fire-protection system, but the buildings overall fire protection design. A properly operating fire door is the key component to the compartmentalization of a building and will resist the passage of a deadly fire, smoke and toxic fumes and gases, especially important to Hospitals where they employ the “defend in place” tactic. For the fire door to operate effectively, the entire assembly must function as designed. This assembly includes the door, the frame, hardware, closers, hinges, and other accessories that when combined and correctly maintained can resist passage to the various degrees of resistance (e.g. 20, 45, 60 and 90 minutes)The International Code Council (ICC), Health and Safety Code, California Code of Regulations Title 19, 22 and 24, along with The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) all require that fire doors are inspected not less than annually. The Local Fire Departments, Joint Commission (JACHO) and Insurance companies will be enforcing these new stringent requirements.

Fire door assemblies are subject to failure due to the constant usage and abuse they take in high traffic areas. Constant usage and abuse can lead to many failures of which the most common and critical is misalignment of the door and frame. NFPA claims that the most common failure of fire doors in actual fires is from this misalignment. Other common failures in fire door assemblies are holes or openings in the door or frame, failure to properly latch when closed, missing or damaged gaskets, and improper field modifications to name a few.With these new stringent requirements for fire door inspections, facility managers have begun to seek qualified fire door inspection contractors to perform these detailed inspections to maintain compliance with NFPA standards.With all of the potential failures that can cause fire doors to be non-compliant,  NFPA has implemented recent changes to NFPA 101 and NFPA 80 by adding new language which require  exit and fire rated doors be inspected annually.

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Our Fire Door Inspection Program is Always Performed by an Expert in the Industry 

Fire and Life Safety Service’s fire door inspection program offers the industry’s most comprehensive inspection services, performed by Certified Fire Door inspectors, with up to (85) points of interest being inspected including the (11) major inspection points as outlined in NFPA 80 Section These (85) points are tracked through state of the art fire door software (AFDS).

At the conclusion of the fire door inspections, FLSS will provide you with:
A Final report, (written record conforming to NFPA 80)

  • A budget for repairs, re-certification or replacements
  • A drawings detailing door numbers color coded per rating
  • Decals on all door inspected as visual evidence of the inspection
  • A complete door numbering system integrated into your facility.