Fire Rated Partions are Key in Saving Lives & Property

fire rated partionsFire rated partitions are the main ingredient in providing for providing a passive fire protection systems. There built in many types and designed to resist the passage of fire and smoke for durations ranging from 1 hour to 4 hours. Fire rated partitions are the key to saving life and property. Fire rated partitions are built using several types of materials including Gypsum Board, Plaster, Brick and Concrete.

As required by the California Fire Code

Fire and Life Safety Services is able to provide all fire wall surveys and inspections. Our certified inspectors and trained technicians can make it easily for your facility to comply with all codes and regulations. The most common failures in fire rated partitions are unprotected openings, original non-conforming installations and construction trade damage. In addition, Fire & Life Safety Services is a California licensed General Contractor with the ability to restore any deficiencies noted.

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Our Fire Rated Partions can be the Difference of a Life

Having extra time in fire can be all of the difference needed to save a life. Make sure you don’t cut any corners and please comply by the California Fire Code. It’s there for a reason and we’re here to be of assistance.

After we finish with the fire damper inspection you will receive the following:

  • A Complete inspection report via our proprietary software available to the facility or AHJ 24/7
  • A budget estimate for corrective work of deficient items noted on inspection reports
  • All rated partitions and barriers can be plotted on a set of drawings
  • Complete “design build” services for repair projects requiring permitting